Question: What country owns Grindr?

China-based Beijing Kunlun Tech Co. bought Grindr in 2016 and had hopes of taking the company public in a large stock offering until the U.S. government intervened.

Who is the inventor of Grindr?

Humble abodes. In case you were wondering, Joel Simkhai has made newsworthy real estate investments before. The Grindr app founder sold his hook-up creation back in 2018 for around $245 million, so hes had the cash to play around for a few years.

Why does Grindr want my phone number?

Like many other social networks, Grindr also attracts a huge number of spammers and bots who swamp users with unwanted messages. The main purpose of phone authentication is to prevent such profiles from spreading over the platform, but it also helps with detecting potential abusers and terminating their accounts.

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