Question: When did Charlotte and Gary get together?

Charlotte and Gary met on the first ever series of MTVs Geordie Shore back in 2011. The pairs on/off relationship was documented throughout their time on the programme, with Charlotte making her feelings very known towards the hunk and declaring her love for his parsnip penis.

Does Gary and Charlotte get together?

Well, Charlotte has declared her love for Gaz. But shes also said that she can never be with him. They did get together around Christmas 2015, but then Char broke up with Gaz over WhatsApp.

Why is Sophie not on Geordie OG?

Last night saw Sophie Kasaeis final episode of Geordie Shore, after reportedly being recorded making an offensive remark during filming for the current series. The 23-year-old reality star was allegedly axed for a racial slur, according to The Sun, and has been removed from the show as a result.

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