Question: Who is the CEO of Cool FM?

Serge NOUJAIM - C.E.O - Cool FM Nigeria | LinkedIn.

Who is the owner of wazobia?

Globe Broadcasting and Communications Wazobia FM 94.1SloganChookmouth StationProgrammingLanguage(s)Nigerian Pidgin EnglishOwnershipOwnerGlobe Broadcasting and Communications9 more rows

When was cool FM founded?

7 February 1990 Cool FMProgrammingOwnerBauer RadioSister stationsDowntown Radio Downtown CountryHistoryFirst air date7 February 199010 more rows

Where is Max FM?

Max FMCityLagosBroadcast areaLagos State, Ogun State, NigeriaFrequency102.3 MHzSloganThe hit music stationProgramming11 more rows

Who is the best radio station in Nigeria?

10 Best Radio Stations in NigeriaWazobia FM 94.1. Wazobia FM is a Nigerian Pidgin English radio station with branches in Abuja, Kano, Lagos, Onitsha, and Port- Harcourt. Soundcity Radio Network. Sports Radio 88.9 Brila FM. Max FM. Beat 99.9 FM. RayPower FM. Inspiration FM. Naija FM.

What is Max FM number? Studio line: 0809 - 781 - 8573 0913 - 895 - 8661.

What channel is Max FM?

102.3 MHz Max FMFrequency102.3 MHzSloganThe hit music stationProgrammingLanguage(s)EnglishFormatMusic11 more rows

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