Question: How to start a relationship with a stoner?

Can a stoner be with a non Stoner?

Stoners usually tend to date fellow stoners because of the fact that smoking weed together can be a bonding thing. On the other hand, non-smokers typically dont date potheads. However, most people who dont smoke keep an open mind about it; they just dont end up with a pot smoker partner.

What do couples do when high?

11 Awesome 420-Themed Date IdeasGo Hiking Or Take A Long Walk. Hit Up Your Local Movie Theater. Netflix & Cheef. Picnic In The Park & Bring Your Vape Along. Have A Romantic Dinner At Home & Try Out Some Cannabis Lube. Have Your Very Own Erotic Art Class For Two.More items •Apr 19, 2016

What do you do when youre high for the first time?

First-timer tips Start with a low-THC strain. Keep your dose low and wait at least 2 hours before re-dosing, especially if using edibles. Try it when you have a chunk of free time to ride out the high, like on your day off. Have water handy to help avoid dry mouth and a cannabis hangover.

Can you be a high functioning stoner?

Its really easy to become a high functioning stoner once you get the hang of it. Its certainly easier than being a functioning alcoholic. Dont use cannabis as a crutch, use it as a reward. Its really all about using common sense.

How do stoners stay motivated?

0:345:16How to Become a Highly Productive Stoner | MERRY JANE NewsYouTube

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