Question: What is the IP of Skeppy server?

InvadedLands is Skeppys Minecraft Server. The IP is

What is Skeppy IP address?

What is the name of Skeppys server?OwnerSkeppyIPinvadedlands.netWebsiteInvadedlands.boards.netPlayers389/1000Version1.8Feb 9, 2020

What is Skeppy server ID?

150 / 10000InvadedLands [1.7 - 1.16] Server Address.

What is Skeppys server called? Skeppy owns a Minecraft KitPVP server he named He does most of his videos on that server, but goes on other servers occasionally.

How did Skeppy meet Megapvp?

According to Skeppy in a recent video, he first met Mega while the latter was hacking on InvadedLands, but later managed to become staff.

What type of server is InvadedLands?

Skeppys Minecraft Server InvadedLands is Skeppys Minecraft Server. The IP is

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