Question: Are there any polyamorous dating apps?

What is the best polyamorous dating app?

Top 10 Best Polyamorous Dating Sites & Apps for Polyamory PeopleOkCupid—Something for Everyone.OpenMinded—the Poly Dating App Thats Taking a Break.Beyond Two—an Online Poly Community.Sister Wives—a Community App.PolyMatchMaker—a Small Poly Dating Site.Polyamory Date.Badoo.More items •30 Jun 2021

Is there an app for polyamorous people?

PSA: Feeld is one of the best apps out there for poly folks, according to Engle. People have better overall experiences with this app, as its meant for open relationships and those looking to explore alternative-style sex, such as kinks, Engle says.

Is there a dating site for polygamy? is a matchmaking service set up by Sunderland-based entrepreneur Azad Chaiwala that, according to its home page, exists to promote Bigger Happier Families. Since its launch in January 2016, has attracted 30,000 registrants (10,000 women; 20,000 men) across 161 different countries.

Is tinder Poly friendly?

Tinder is not a good dating app platform for polygamous relationships, so it would be better to just find an app that accommodates poly identities.

Why you should not use Tinder?

You will feel disrespected. Going on Tinder may serve as a confidence booster, having the fact that you get to see if attractive people are interested in you, but you will feel extremely disrespected and uncomfortable within the first ten minutes of using the app.

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