Question: What happens to your child during a custody battle?

How does custody battles affect the child?

Bitter child custody battles can drain parents nerves, wallets and time. In addition, research shows that parental conflict often takes a profound emotional toll on children caught in the middle, leading to increased school drop-out rates, behavior problems and mental health issues.

Do courts prefer mothers in custody battles?

As far as California law is concerned, no parent is to get preferential treatment when it comes to custody disputes and neither is accorded an advantage.

How do you deal with stress in a custody battle?

Lancaster Legal BlogTIP #1: Respect the Importance of a Parent-Child Bond.TIP #2: Dont Let Your Stress Affect Your Child.Tip #3: Rethink Sole Custody.Tip #4: Keep Parenting Records.Tip #5: Keep Your Child out of Danger.Create the Custody Agreement That Works Best for Your Family.

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