Question: Is Sweet chat app safe?

Is Sweet Chat legit?

Sweet Chat, is a Tinder like Android chatting application which, according to its description on the developers site: 2019, Sweet Chat ranked Top 10 social apps in Latin America, the Middle East, etc., and has become one of the most popular stranger chat apps in many countries and regions around the world.

What is Sweet Chat app?

Sweet Chat - Random Chat ,Make Friends, Meet me apk content rating is Mature 17+ and can be downloaded and installed on android devices supporting 16 api and above. Apk Versions available: 2.20. 353 , 2.19. 342 , 2.18.

What does M mean at the end of a text?

The letter M is used as an abbreviation to mean Male, Married, Mature, and Mephedrone.

What happened to e-chat?

Until further notice, E-chat will not be receiving any updates. The developers does not maintain the site actively, too. They opted to keep the site running instead of shutting it down permanently due to popular demand.

What does DD stand for in date?

dated dated. Explanation: d.d. (or dd) is a pretty standard English business acronym meaning dated). Dated. DD stands for Dated.

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