Question: Is he just busy or avoiding me?

How do you tell if a guy is ignoring you or just busy?

1. You Text Him “Hey” Out Of The Blue And He Hasnt Replied For Hours. If he usually replies right away and you have reason to believe hes ignoring you, then he might be ignoring you. If youre not sure if hes ignoring you or just busy, try texting him something more interesting.

What does it mean when a guy actively avoids you?

If hes ignoring you, its possible he is either trying to speed up or slow down the development of the relationship. He may be trying to stimulate your attention by playing hard to get, or he may be trying to establish a more dominant role. Perhaps you were leading him on because you enjoyed the attention.

Will he ever realize my worth?

Boyfriends dont realise your worth because youre always there for them. You need to ignore him for some time and see how he reacts. Even if it kills you to ignore him, you need to know that this is something that will help in the future. Let him come to you first.

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