Question: Why was Beauty and the Geek Cancelled?

Are any of the beauty and geek still together?

As a result there were plenty of fans who hoped the couple might be able to overcome long distance (with George in Melbourne and Josie in Sydney). However George and Josie have shared updates about their relationship status, revealing they are no longer together.

Who owns Beauty and the Geek?

Beauty and the GeekNo. of seasons5No. of episodes48ProductionExecutive producersAshton Kutcher Nick Santora J.D. Roth Jason Goldberg Todd A. Nelson John Foy15 more rows

What is the purpose of Beauty and the Geek?

Beauty and the Geek will follow 10 Beauties and 10 Geeks through challenges where they will be tested on how well they work together. The aim is to learn from each other in the hopes of sparking a lifelong friendship or possibly romance.

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