Question: Did Kat Slater sleep with Phil Mitchell?

EastEnders legends Phil Mitchell (Steve McFadden) and Kat Slater (Jessie Wallace) had sex in tonights episode (February 15) of the BBC One soap. Yes, that actually happened. However, the car he acquired for her had broken down, and therefore a livid Kat wasted little time in confronting Phil.

Is Kat Slater with Phil Mitchell?

EASTENDERS Kat Slater decides to moves into Phil Mitchells house with her boys next week. Kat - who is played by actress Jessie Wallace in the BBC One soap - has been enjoying a romance with hardman Phil for the past few months. Next week, Kat decides to make herself a permanent fixture at the Mitchell household.

How many wives has Phil Mitchell?

Phil Mitchell has been married four times. His first wife was Romanian refugee Nadia Boravac, who wanted a visa to stay in the UK. He then tied the knot with Kathy, before having another romance with Sharon.

How many children did Kat Slater have?

Nine months later, Kat gives birth to their twin sons, Bert and Ernie Moon (Freddie and Stanley Beale).

Who killed Phil Mitchell?

It was revealed on 5 April 2001 that Lisa Shaw (Lucy Benjamin) — Phils former girlfriend — was the culprit. The episode caused the third-largest TV pickup power surge on record and the Liverpool and Barcelona UEFA Cup semi-final was postponed for 15 minutes to accommodate a special 40 minute edition of the soap.

Who is Kyle Slater?

Kyle is the son of Brian Slater and Alison Slater and the half-brother of Stacey Slater and Sean Slater. Kyle was born Sarah Slater and struggled to live as the person he always felt he was inside. Kyle got a tattoo that reads I was born to survive after Shannons boyfriend and his mates beat him up.

Who was Kat Slaters daughter?

Zoe Slater Kat Slater/Daughters

Who was the father of Tiffanys baby in Eastenders?

Tiffany gives birth to baby Courtney by caesarean section in March 1997, and for a moment Grant softens towards his wife. However it does not last and he is soon denouncing that the child is his. Tiffany is forced to get a paternity test, which reveals Grant is Courtneys father.

Who is the father of Janine Butchers baby?

For a while it looked like she had found contentment with husband and father of her little girl Scarlett, Michael Moon, but the stress of parenthood made Janine increasingly paranoid about Michaels true intentions. This lead to Janine fleeing The Square, leaving Michael holding the baby.

Who Shot Phil Mitchell storyline?

Lisa Shaw The identity of his would-be killer remained a mystery for months, until the shooter was revealed to be former girlriend Lisa Shaw. Shed gunned him down for sleeping with her best mate.

Who was Peggy Mitchell married to?

Frank Butcher After a rocky marriage, Tiffany is killed in a hit-and-run accident. Peggy marries Frank Butcher (Mike Reid) in 1999, but they divorce two years later due to Frank having an affair with Peggys best friend and Franks ex-wife Pat Evans (Pam St Clement).

Did Stacey in EastEnders have a baby?

The EastEnders actress, known for her role as Stacey Slater, welcomed a son in February with husband Matt Kay. The couple, who also have daughter Dusty, have now confirmed their sons name, opting to call their little one Trilby Fox. Speaking to OK! magazine, Lacey revealed how she came up with the name.

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