Question: Is Meissen porcelain still made?

The Meissen factory is still operational today and is producing the worlds most expensive porcelain. Superb modelling and painting were characteristic of Meissen porcelain, and for the next 50 years its products were unsurpassed, widely exported and much imitated.

In which country is Meissen porcelain still made?

MeissenMeissen MeißenCountryGermanyStateSaxonyDistrictMeißenSubdivisions12 Stadtteile/Stadtbezirke19 more rows

Is Meissen still in business?

Meissen remained the dominant European porcelain factory, and the leader of stylistic innovation, until somewhat overtaken by the new styles introduced by the French Sèvres factory in the 1760s, but has remained a leading factory to the present day.

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