Question: How do you ask a guy if he is a Christian?

How do you ask a guy if he is Christian?

Just ask him if hes seen Passion of the Christ and what he thought of it carry on to different type of religions, how some are similar, different, how religions affects the world or if it doesnt so on. Then just drop the question about his beliefs. Right mindfulness is the protection by night.

How do you tell if he is right for you?

Relationship experts say these are the 9 signs the person youre dating is right for you — and some are surprisingly simpleThey pass the bar test They dont hold you back. They dont want to change you. They fit into your life. They listen to you. Theyre happy when youre happy. They comfort you when youre sad.More items •30 May 2018

Is it rude to ask someones religion?

Asking about religion, money or politics is known to be rude, but its also rude to ask about relationship status, weight and sexuality. And once you know what questions are rude, you may know how to conduct a friendly, polite conversation.

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