Question: Can Twin Flames be in relationships with other people?

Many people assume that a twin flame is the same thing as a romantic soul mate and use the terms interchangeably, but these are entirely different things. While they can be romantic relationships, they can also be completely platonic in nature.

Can Twin Flames have other partners?

Its perfectly fine and normal for your twin flame to have a soulmate or karmic partner. Its also entirely normal for them to be looking for a relationship on a lower frequency so theyre likely still seeing everything in the third dimension.

Are twin flames just toxic relationships?

Yes, exactly. And it can become toxic on a couple of levels—the first being the impossible expectations Dr. Solomon warned us about above. The second is that if one believes theyve found their twin flame, they wont leave if the relationship becomes problematic or even abusive.

How do you know when you found your twin flame?

11 signs youve found your twin flame:When you met, there was instant recognition.Youre very similar. You complement each other. Your insecurities and doubts are amplified. They feel magnetic. The relationship is tumultuous. The relationship is very intense. You keep coming back together.More items •28 Sep 2020

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