Question: How do I log in to my Bebo account?

How do I access my old Bebo account?

After you have created your new account, you can send a hashtag message to anyone as follows: #oldphotos. Instantly a window will pop-up asking for your old Bebo account information. Enter your username or e-mail and password to the old Bebo account and press continue.

How do I reactivate my Bebo account?

Start a chat with the Team Bebo bot, who will be listed as The Official. Simply type #OldPhotos in the chat box. If you cant remember your old username, you can use the email you started your account with back in the day. 5. Youre done!

How do I get the Bebo app?

Android users: perform an Android app search. Simply launch the Google Play Store application from your device. In the green section at the top of the screen is an icon of a magnifying glass. Tap the magnifying glass icon and type Bebo when the on-screen keyboard pops up. A list of applications will show up.

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