Question: What was before ICQ?

Precursors to Todays Social Media Networks Arguably the earliest examples of social media proper were personal Instant Messaging services such as ICQ (launched in November 1996), AOL Instant Mesenger or AIM (1997), Yahoo! Messenger (1998) and MSN Messenger (1999).

What was the first IM?

Instant messaging really exploded on the Internet scene in November 1996. Thats when Mirabilis introduced ICQ, a free instant-messaging utility that anyone could use. ICQ, shorthand for I seek you, uses a software application, called a client, that resides on your computer.

What are some old messaging apps?

List of defunct instant messaging platformsAOL Instant Messenger, 2017.BBM, 2019.ChatON, 2015.Emesene, 2013 – MSNP (Microsoft Notification Protocol or Mobile Status Notification Protocol)FireChat, 2018.Gizmo5, 2011 – Multi protocol.GMX Multi Messenger.Google Allo, 2019.More items

Which country uses ZALO?

Vietnam Zalo is a homegrown messaging app that dominates the Vietnam market. There, a homegrown messaging app called Zalo is being used by around two-thirds of the countrys smartphone owners.

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