Question: When a girl say youre out of my league?

How do you respond to youre out of my league?

By saying “you are so out of my league” this person doesnt even give you a chance. You should not waste your time on her/him. Originally Answered: How do I answer you are so out of my league ? You say “Yes, thank God i am!

What does it mean if youre out of someones league?

Definition of out of ones league : not at a level where one is as good as someone else at something When I play chess with my Dad Im out of my league.

How do you know youre out of his league?

27 Signs Youre So Far Out Of His League It Isnt Even FunnyWhenever you go out in a group, you find yourself apologizing for his behavior.He doesnt have a job or even the tiniest desire to look for a job.He could be sexy if he tried, but he doesnt.More items •Aug 26, 2016

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