Question: What is Patakadates?

Is Patakadates fake?

Fake Prevention In its terms of service (TOS), Patakadates acknowledges the use of moderators / animateurs to encourage conversation and premium memberships. However, most users find this to be deceptive as there is no possibility to actually date these individuals.

What is Pataka Dates?

Pataka Dates is the place for you to connect with singles in your area and in different cities if you prefer.

Which is best online dating site in India?

13 Best Dating Apps in IndiaTinder. Tinder is the most popular and hands-down, best dating app in India that is used by a large number of individuals who prefer online dating. Bumble. Happn. OkCupid. TrulyMadly. Hinge. Aisle. Tantan.More items •Apr 20, 2020

How can I delete my Pataka date account?

0:000:46How To Delete Account - YouTubeYouTube

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