Question: How can you tell if someone is a Zoosk member?

You can see them next to the profile picture of every user. It doesnt matter whether youre using Zoosk from your desktop or you have the app, they both have the same system. Its pretty simple. A green dot next to someones name means that the user is currently active.

Can non Zoosk members read messages?

With a basic account, you can only browse and like other users. If you want to read or send any messages, youre going to have to pay for it. While other sites like OkCupid, Tinder, and Bumble have a robust free option that allows you to read, send, and receive messages, Zoosk does not.

Can you search Zoosk members by name?

Currently, you cant search for someone using their name or Zoosk display name. However, if youve already connected with someone, you can find him or her in your Connections and view his or her profile from there.

Can I look up a Zoosk account?

The “Search” option on Zoosk is easy to find. On the web-based version of the site, look to the upper left-hand corner of the webpage. Select “Search,” located beneath the Zoosk symbol, after you sign up and log in. Whatever you picked as your basic preferences during sign-up will be displayed.

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