Question: Who is the best country singer 2020?

Luke Combs claimed the spot on this countdown thanks to smash singles like “Lovin on You.” Hes trailed by Morgan Wallen and Kane Brown. (See all 50 artists.) Combs is also squarely atop the Top Country Airplay Artists tally.

What is the number one country song in 2020?

Top 10 Country Songs of 20201Buy Dirt Jordan Davis, Luke Bryan2:476Like A Lady Lady A3:017Wishful Drinking (with Sam Hunt) Ingrid Andress, Sam Hunt3:148Tequila Little Time Jon Pardi3:279Things A Man Oughta Know Lainey Wilson3:2336 more rows•28 Dec 2020

Who is the best country singer in the world 2021?

Thomas Rhett Named the Hottest Country Artist of 2021.

Whats the top 10 country songs this week?

Country TOP 40 2021 - Top Country Songs This Week 2021Fancy LikeWalker Hayes.If I Didnt Love YouJason Aldean, Carrie Underwood.Bounce BackTHE LA HUSTLE, Ken Goldstein, Ryan Straw.Forever After AllLuke Combs.Sky Of The MorningMr. Gun.Smoking GunCole Gallagher.Starting OverChris Stapleton.Wasted On YouMorgan Wallen.More items

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