Question: What is Tween dating?

Pre-teen dating or more commonly known as tween dating has become a common notion in todays age. Tweens, children aged between 8 and 12 years, are following the footsteps of teenagers, making tween dating more common.

How do tweens date?

What Parents Can DoTalk. One discussion wont be enough to help your tween understand your family values and your expectations. Be Aware. Stay connected to other parents so you know whats going on. Set Limits. If you decide to allow your tween to date, be specific about your conditions. Dont Assume. Go on a Date.6 Mar 2021

What is tween age range?

Kids between 8 and 12 are called “tweens” because they are in between children and teenagers. Its very normal for kids this age to start to move from being very close to parents to wanting to be more independent.

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