Question: What is Palmerston North known for?

Palmerston North is known for its rose gardens and has been called the Rose City. Palmerston North is only a short drive away from the picturesque Tararua and Ruahine Ranges which have the stunning Manawatu Gorge. To the south is the university city of Palmerston North, one of the countrys largest provincial cities.

Why is it called Palmerston North?

As with Palmerston in Otago, and at least two other localities named Palmerston in the nineteenth century, it was named in honour of Lord Palmerston, an English prime minister. Because of the confusion with the Otago town, a public meeting was held on 6 March 1873 at which it was decided to append North to the name.

Is Palmerston a good place to live?

Palmerston North is a great city if you want to live on the North Island and dont want to pay the North Island price. Its affordable with a youthful feel and its populated enough for you to enjoy all the perks of a big city. Throw in great restaurants and scenic beauty and youve got an amazing place to live.

Is Palmerston safe?

Palmerston North is recognised by the Pan Pacific Safe Communities Network as an international safe community.

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