Question: Why does my Seeking Arrangement say sugar momma?

A Sugar Momma describes a woman who offers support, of the financial or material nature, to a younger Sugar Baby (or Sugar Cub). Regardless of her background, this arrangement is about having a great time with an attractive, younger, male (or female).

Why does my SeekingArrangement say sugar Mommy?

Definition: Its common for Sugar Babies to enter an arrangement (either long-term or short-term) to accomplish some kind of goal, whether its to find a mentor to help them progress, to help pay for the costs of education or merely for some extra spending money.

Is SeekingArrangement for sugar mommas?

Seeking Arrangement – Best Growing Sugar Momma App The Bottom Line – Seeking is most well known for being a sugar daddy dating site.

What does a sugar baby call a sugar momma?

The person who receives the gifts is called a sugar baby, while their paying partner is called a sugar daddy or sugar momma. Sugar dating is especially popular in the online dating community because of the easy access to specific niches and desires.

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