Question: Whats the best way to make new friends?

How do you make awkward friends?

Here are a few ways to overcome feeling socially awkward and build friendships.Let yourself feel awkward. Join a support group for social anxiety. Say “yes” when invited. Meet other introverts if youre introverted. Be open about being socially awkward. Join a class or course. Volunteer. Go online.More items •4 Jun 2021

Why am I so awkward making friends?

Feeling socially awkward may be a sign of autism or anxiety. You may be lacking in social skills, which you can practice. Its also possible that youre an introvert and get drained by social situations quicker than extroverts, which can make you feel awkward around other people.

How do you make a strong social circle?

Finding and cultivating new social circlesDevelop your school campus presence. Look up clubs on campus. Use social proof to your advantage. Turn those strangers into friends. Host a Meetup. Join local Facebook groups. Say yes to things youre invited to. Reach out often. Set up a party, event, or fun night out.More items

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