Ultra-light E-signatures*

*No PDFs, Apps, Faxes or Scanners necessary ;-)


Email contracts to a list

Remove administrative bottlenecks. Email each individual their own personalized copy to e-sign ...whether your list is 20 or 20,000!
Daily summary reports help you track who has and has not signed.

Sign From Site

E-sign forms from your web site

We’ve taken the pain out of collecting and distributing signed forms ...put them on your web site! You and your signers can download completed forms and access them through Inkdit. This is a great option for registration and waivers, terms of use, petitions, and more.


Download signer data as spreadsheets

Use the information from your forms and contracts for your own business processes. Export account numbers, contact information, sale amounts, specs, dates and times, allergy information, payment terms, and everything else into one handy spreadsheet.


Track versions

Assign a version number to each update of your boilerplates and forms. Ensure your team always uses the up to date version. Easily identify which signers need to sign a new version.

Contract Management

Manage contracts effortlessly

Contracts managers have instant access to contracts and forms created and signed on behalf of your company. Employees see only what they e-sign or create.


Save time and stay in sync with Add-ons

Inkdit add-ons integrate with other software to make you more productive. Check out our growing list of Add-ons.

Inkdit is phone friendly

This is the same form in different formats on a mobile device.
The left is a PDF (yuck!) and the right is Inkdit (nice!)

Inkdit is fast! How much money does Fast save you?

  • Autocomplete speeds signers through your forms with greater accuracy.
  • Cut your receivables and get paid with a signature through our Stripe Add-on.
  • No waiting for data. Order details, contact information, health information, approvals, etc. are at your fingertips the moment they are signed.
  • Mobile increases productivity. Inkdit’s “mobile first” design gives you and your signers a fast, elegant experience wherever they are.
  • Never again will you:
    • Lose a signer’s attention between desk and printer
    • Lose a sale because your customer didn’t have the “right” PDF software
    • Have a bottleneck of people waiting to hand in forms.
    • Wait for your signer to get back to the office ...they can fill out and sign from their phone!

Avoid expensive conflict

  • Defuse angry tempers by giving customers easy access to what they’ve signed. Nothing heads conflict off at the pass like reading what’s been agreed to.
  • With Inkdit, everyone has their copy, and copies can be validated to ensure they are exact duplicates (we use fancy cryptology to do that).

Is this even legal?

Yes. Almost every country has had e-signature legislation for years. Here’s a listing of legislation by country:

  • Electronic Transactions Act 1999
  • Electronic Transactions Amendment Act 2011
  • PIPEDA Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act
  • Law Nº 19.799, on Electronic Documents, Electronic Signature and its Certification
  • Law of the People’s Republic of China on Electronic Signature effective April 1, 2005
  • Ley 527 de 1999
  • Zákon o elektronickém podpisu 227/2000 Sb.
  • Electronic Signature Directive 1999/93/EC
  • Laki vahvasta sähköisestä tunnistamisesta ja sähköisistä allekirjoituksista
  • LOI no 2000-230
  • Information Technology Act
  • Electronic Commerce Act, 2000
  • Electronic Transactions Act 2002
  • Ley Nº 27269. Ley de Firmas y Certificados Digitales
  • Electronic Commerce Act of 2000
  • Ustawa o podpisie elektronicznym Dziennik Ustaw 2001 Nr 130 poz. 1450
  • Decreto-Lei n.º 290-D/99. Diário da República" n.º 178, Suplemento, Série I-A de 1999-08-02
  • Singapore Electronic Transactions Act 1998, 2010
  • Zákon č.215/2002 o elektronickom podpise
  • Slovene Electronic Commerce and Electronic Signature Act
  • The Electronic Communications and Transactions Act 25, 2002
  • Electronic Signature Act
  • Real Decreto-ley 14/1999, sobre firma electrónica
  • Electronic Signatures Act
  • Electronic Signature Law
  • Electronic Communications Act 2000 s.7
  • ESIGN Electronic Signatures in Global and National Commerce Act
  • UETA Uniform Electronic Transactions Act
  • SEAL Digital Signature And Electronic Authentication Law
  • GPEA Government Paperwork Elimination Act
  • UCC The Uniform Commercial Code

Inkdit is for the contracts and forms you create:

  • Approvals
  • Change Orders
  • Employee Reviews
  • Employment Agreements
  • Estimates
  • HR Forms
  • Model Releases
  • Non-Disclosure Agreements
  • Order forms
  • Registration & Waivers
  • Sales Agreements
  • Services Agreements

You have help.

  • We are committed to your success. We will build your first boilerplate or online form for you free of charge!
  • For more complex needs, we are available to consult for implementation and onboarding. We’ll organize your processes, integrate with compatible systems, build your forms and create step by step instructions and screencasts for your staff.

Your data is your own

  • Your privacy and security are of the utmost importance to us.
  • We believe in data portability. We make it easy get your documents and data out of Inkdit and in to the other applications you use ...even if you choose to leave us.
  • We are working to integrate with the software you already use. Our list of Add-ons is steadily growing.

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