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We’ve launched!

Inkdit is live! We had a great two days launching at the Future of Web Apps in Las Vegas. What an event! We received great feedback from the people here at the conference. So now, it begs the question, how will you use Inkdit? Come, poke around, and share your thoughts! (photos to come…)

Inkdit’s launch is only one week away!

It’s thrilling to finally launch Inkdit. As it’s gone from a murky idea that was hard to articulate to a clear vision with a plan, we have talked to anyone who would listen to the idea. Those conversations have been invaluable. We’ve talked to business owners, teachers, bureaucrats, lawyers, pastors, parents, insurance brokers, stock brokers, risk managers, web developers, marketers, real estate agents and accountants. Every one of these people has helped refine the vision for what we now call, “Connected Contracts”. The idea is powerful. Everyone we have spoken with has seen Inkdit’s potential. Every person has been able to imagine a scenario wherein connected contracts would be valuable to them.

Gregg’s ‘Short Talk’ at TEDxEdmonton

Here is the transcript from my presentation at TEDxEdmonton’s Pre-Party

There are two trends that I see are about to collide.

The first trend is the increasing number of contractual agreements we enter into.
It seemed to start with tiny writing on the back of ticket stubs.
Then it crawled up our arms and turned into end user license agreements for software on smart phones, waivers for school field trips and innumerable bits of paper from credit card transactions.

Now we’re swarmed by contracts! The vast majority of them will never deserve more than our passing attention but it’s incredibly difficult to make sure that you will be able to find that one that will.