Monthly Archives: February 2012

New: Inkdit Address Book

We’ve replaced the “Connections” tab with an “Address Book” tab. Additions to your address book are verified by the person you’ve added, ensuring that their contact information is correct. When those individuals update their Inkdit accounts in the future, your address book will automatically be updated.

The idea for the name change came as we streamlined the process of selecting the individuals and organizations to sign contracts. In doing so, we found the new “Address Book” name made much more sense.

Now it’s your turn to vote. Where would you like to pull contacts from the most? LinkedIn, Facebook, Google, Salesforce or Twitter? Comment below to cast your vote!

New: Signing Line Redesign

New Signing LineSigning lines are now faster and more precise.

All you have to do is start typing! As you type, the matching contacts from your address book will appear. If no match is found from your address book, just follow the prompts to set them up.

We will continue to test and improve the process of selecting the people to sign contracts. Please share your thoughts on how we can continue to improve.

Road Map: Which would you like us to do next?

The next big projects on our Road Map are:

  1. Google, Linkedin and Facebook integrations for quick signatures and account creation.
  2. Google, Linkedin and Facebook address book integrations.
  3. Two factor and shared secret authentication for increased identity assurance and security.
  4. WordPress and Drupal integrations for web developers to easily add signatures to web forms.

We love your input! Comment to cast your vote!

Paid Subscriptions!

New Pricing

At long last, now your organization can sign up for a paid subscription on Inkdit!

That’s pretty exciting news for us.

If you are …thrifty, don’t fret!

  1. Organizations can still use Inkdit free. Inkdit prompts an organization to upgrade to a paid subscription when either: adding members or claiming an Inkdit Domain.
  2. All subscription plans begin with a 2 week free trial!

What are you waiting for? Sign up today!