Monthly Archives: March 2012

Our Frustrating Origins: Death to Paper!

Businesses are almost always created because of one thing:

A frustration.

It is through the passions and talents of the team that determines whether the business succeeds or fails.

Our story is no different.

The Need for Digital Contracts

Our fearless leader, Gregg Oldring, had an underwhelming dance with a Canadian telecom awhile ago. One of the strange practices with most large service providers is that they adjust their contracts on a whim, and those changes might be brought to your attention, but you are expected to remain on top of your obligations whether they phone, email or send you smoke signals.

Developers, Freelancers and Outsourcers: Simplifying contract management

It might be easy for people to assume that when something like Inkdit rolls out, it’s geared for larger enterprises, that small businesses and freelancers might find some use for the service, but it is designed more for the needs of larger companies…

This is not the case.

Inkdit is a reliable, secure, file-free way to create and manage your contracting processes. Companies that sign up can be any size. You can perform any and all actions with just an internet connection and an internet-enabled device.