Monthly Archives: May 2012

New: Security question option for e-signatures

Security QuestionHave you ever worried that the person who e-signs your contract might say…

“It wasn’t me!”

Inkdit’s new security question feature will put you more at ease. Now you can add a security question and answer of your choosing to the e-signature process.

This is the same process that banks have used for years for email money transfers. When you select a signer for a contract, you may choose to add a security question such as:

What was the password I provided you?
What is the book I am reading?

Responsive Design: What Does It Mean For You?

A day doesn’t go by that some article on, Harvard Business Review or LinkedIn features a successful app developer or company that has gone from zero to infinitely ridiculous growth.

These articles reveal how these teams stay small to maintain strong communication between members, keeping them tight and light.

But the one theme that keeps bubbling up is the idea that to be successful, you have to be nimble and adapt to change easily and automatically.

Well the same can be said of application platforms. The best of them respond to the changing needs of the marketplace and the user experience.