How To Build an Add-on: Glossary

Ahhhh Jargon …our old friend with the inside jokes. Here are a few of bits of jargon we use when building an add-on.

When two web apps talk to each other to do useful things.
Alternate name for an integration with a marketer’s spin.
API (Application Programming Interface)
The way one web app “talks” to another web app.
Web App (Web Application)
a.k.a. SaaS (Software as a Service) A web site that you use as a tool to do things in the same way that you use software that is installed on your computer or mobile device.
The developer guide for a web app’s API.
A bit of software you can add to your web browser to make it do cool stuff.
A protocol to allow authorization method from web, mobile and desktop applications.

* In Firefox, they renamed “Extensions” as “Add-ons” just to throw off all of these definitions.