Get a signature and get paid with our Stripe Add-on

In 2011, Mike Monteiro gave an epic talk “F*ck you. Pay me” at San Francisco’s Creative Mornings. He and his lawyer talked about the importance of contracts for creative professionals. If you can handle the potty-mouth it’s a great presentation.

Mike’s emphasis on contracts obviously resonates with us at Inkdit …we do e-signatures after all! But we we felt we weren’t doing enough to help our customers to get paid.

Until now.

Today we are announcing our Stripe Add-on.
Now you can get a signature and get paid in one step.

Get a signature and get paid with Inkdit_s Stripe Add-on on Vimeo

It’s brilliant.

  • Want a deposit before you start work …done!
  • Want to collect payment along with a registration and waiver …no problem!

All you have to do is connect a Stripe account to your Inkdit account and you are ready to go.

Don’t have a Stripe account? You won’t believe how easy it is to set up. It’s a one page form!

Look for the Connect with Stripe in your Inkdit Settings and follow the steps.

Good-bye Accounts Receivable!

If you don’t have an Inkdit account yet, get one now!



  • Justin

    Whoa! This looks awesome. Good work guys!

    • Gregg Oldring

      Thanks Justin! It’s a big update.