Get a signature and get paid with our Stripe Add-on

In 2011, Mike Monteiro gave an epic talk “F*ck you. Pay me” at San Francisco’s Creative Mornings. He and his lawyer talked about the importance of contracts for creative professionals. If you can handle the potty-mouth it’s a great presentation.

Mike’s emphasis on contracts obviously resonates with us at Inkdit …we do e-signatures after all! But we we felt we weren’t doing enough to help our customers to get paid.

Until now.

Today we are announcing our Stripe Add-on.
Now you can get a signature and get paid in one step.

Get a signature and get paid with Inkdit_s Stripe Add-on on Vimeo

It’s brilliant.

Boilerplates, Online Forms and Single Agreements

Okay, we have to admit it.

It’s beginning to feel like some of our hard work is about to pay off—for you.  ;)

As those familiar with our contract app might know, we’ve made a few adjustments that have simplified the contract-building process a bit, and increased security as things got a little easier to add and edit.

But this time, we’re really changing it up, and it’s kinda huge.

New boilerplate, online form or single agreementWe’ve simplified the types of contract relationships into three categories of your choosing:

  • Boilerplates
  • Online Forms, and
  • Single Agreements

e-Signing web forms just got easier

New! e-sign forms online

Don’t you hate it when some guy sends you a PDF of a form to fill out and sign? You are immediately faced with two crappy choices:

  1. Kill a tree. Print it off. Fill out all the boxes in your finest block-letter printing. Sign your name on it. Scan it. File the printed copy in the filing cabinet under “Miscellaneous.” Email the scanned copy back to the guy.


We’re a very lucky group of people.

We’ve got a dedicated group of very vocal users who willingly “share” their views with us.

This has been a fascinating journey, and without them, we wouldn’t have gotten very far.

Recently, we’ve received positive feedback on how simple it is to set up contracts within our system.

But our beloved users had some issues.

It’s been hard for our users’ clients and signees to accept agreements without having to set up accounts first. People generally do not respond well when they have to set up an account before they are able to accept and agreement.