How To Build an Add-on: Glossary

Ahhhh Jargon …our old friend with the inside jokes. Here are a few of bits of jargon we use when building an add-on.

When two web apps talk to each other to do useful things.
Alternate name for an integration with a marketer’s spin.
API (Application Programming Interface)
The way one web app “talks” to another web app.
Web App (Web Application)
a.k.a. SaaS (Software as a Service) A web site that you use as a tool to do things in the same way that you use software that is installed on your computer or mobile device.

Announcing the Inkdit API

Big news for the Inkdit team – today we’re officially opening up our API to the public! You can register and find documentation on our API’s site.

Our API allows developers at your organization to write applications that can create, share and sign contracts that will be securely stored with cryptographic tamper-resistance on Inkdit.

There are a lot of applications that involve agreements – license agreements, sign-offs, waivers, etc. Using Inkdit’s API your applications can capture those agreements in a tightly integrated way.

Shortly before the holidays we quietly released a Ruby library for interacting with Inkdit’s API (available as a gem named ‘inkdit’, with documentation here).